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Our firm provides full architectural services from concept to completion, acting as a central hub during the design and construction phases.


Noesis Designs Architecture, Pllc. was founded in 1994, specializing in architecture and space planning. As the name “Noesis” implies, the vision of the firm is not merely to design for the sake of putting up houses and buildings, but to reason out the best possible design solutions, taking into account the particular space, its context, and for those whom the space will serve. It is this reasoning, the mission of Noesis Designs, that promotes high quality work. It is this remarkable trait of man, reasoning, that Noesis Designs steadfastly promotes and implements in its design process and it is the basis for how each of its architects approach a project.

For over twenty years, Noesis Designs Architecture has designed for both commercial and residential purposes. Its projects range from new construction, renovations and additions, which consist of a diverse portfolio with the firm’s success.

Successful design is based on a thorough understanding of a client’s specific goals-functional, financial and aesthetic-coupled with a commitment to service. As a multidisciplinary organization, Noesis Designs provides a full complement of architectural services to a diverse clientele. Illustrated in the following pages are examples of recent and current work across a range of project scales and locations.

Our firm is comprised of a team of licensed architects, project managers, and architectural designers who also possess interior design backgrounds. It is noteworthy that each architect, although assigned to a specific project, collaborates with the other architects for suggestions and feedback. The encouragement of teamwork and the subsequent cohesion that follows as a result, is another factor that undoubtedly contributes to the fine reputation of Noesis Designs Architecture.

The success of Noesis Designs is based on its sensitivity to its diversified clientele, experienced and knowledgeable staff, and extraordinary teamwork. Moreover, it is that each of its members love and possess a passion for practicing architecture. For Noesis, it’s not just designing for the purpose of building, but with reason, designing places whose architecture inspires the soul and thrills the senses.

Haris Mamagakis, R.A.


Haris Mamagakis


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